Movies I’m Looking Forward To In 2016

Rachel and I love watching movies. Several years ago, we saw movies in the theaters all the time. However, it has gotten so expensive to go out to the movies, that we have become pretty picky about which films we pay money for.

This year has quite a few new movies coming out that I really want to see. Below is a list of the movies coming out between now and May that I am looking forward to. My guess is we will end up seeing about half of these in the actual theater, and we will end up renting the rest down the road.

  • Hail! Caesar (February): This is definitely one I want to see in the theater. I love the Coen Brothers. Several of their movies are on my top movies of all time list. Fargo, No Country for Old Men, The Big Lebowski…I could go on and on.
  • Deadpool (February): This movie looks really cool and really funny. Not sure if I’ll end up seeing this in the theater or waiting till later. But Ryan Reynolds looks much better as a anti-hero (Deadpool) than the Green Lantern for sure.
  • Zoolander No. 2 (February): I have mixed emotions about this one. I loved the first movie. Derek Zoolander is one of my favorite Ben Stiller roles. Honestly, I don’t know enough about this new movie to truly have an opinion. But I’ll definitely see it at some point.
  • Zootopia (March): If you know anything about Rachel and me, you know we love Disney. This movie looks like another slam dunk for the mouse. Can’t wait to see it.
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (March): I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE! The previews look awesome. I am a little skeptical of Ben Affleck as Batman, but I trust Zack Snyder as a director. Can’t wait!
  • The Jungle Book (April): We really enjoyed the live action version of Cinderella last year. I’m curious to see The Jungle Book as a live action film. Plus, Bill Murray as the voice of Baloo is a great choice!
  • The Huntsman: Winter’s War (April): I thought the first movie (Snow White and the Huntsman) was very entertaining. This one looks like more of a rental for us.
  • Captain America: Civil War (May): Maybe the #1 movie I am looking forward to on this list. I love the Marvel films and Captain America. We will see this as soon as it comes out!
  • Neighbors 2 (May): The first movie was hilarious. I hope this one is too. Curious to see the reviews. My guess is this movie will end up being a rental with so many amazing movies coming out in May.
  • Alice Through The Looking Glass (May): I so wish Tim Burton was directing this sequel. I thought the first movie was amazing. However, the trailers for this sequel look great, so I am cautiously optimistic. Plus, this is one of Alan Rickman’s last roles as the voice of the Caterpillar.
  • X-Men: Apocalypse (May): We both love the X-Men movies. The first two movies, with this new cast, were excellent. Looking forward to seeing this one in the theater!

And there you have it: The movies in the first half of 2016 that I am looking forward to. I’m sure I am missing a few others, but this is a pretty long list already.

What movies are you excited about seeing this year?

TV Shows I’m Looking Forward To In 2016

It feels like it’s been a while since I wrote a blog post that wasn’t running related. I guess it’s been dominating my life more recently. Work has also been taking up quite a bit of my time. It’s been over a month since we’ve had a free weekend. And it doesn’t look like that will change until March. All that to say, it’s been busy!

Anyway…Rachel and I love pop culture. Whether it’s watching TV shows or movies, we try to stay on top of what’s new. As we are getting closer to the spring, there are quite a few things I’m looking forward to in the world of TV and movies. Today I want to take a look at some of the upcoming TV shows we are looking forward to this winter/spring.


  • Better Call Saul (February – AMC): I was a huge fan of Breaking Bad, so I was a little nervous about Better Call Saul’s first season. But it was excellent. Looking forward to seeing where they go in season 2.
  • Girls (February – HBO): Rachel is a bigger fan of this show than I am. But I do enjoy watching it with her. Adam Driver is the best part of this show, in my opinion.
  • House of Cards (March – Netflix): While I wasn’t the biggest fan of season 3, I really like this show. Kevin Spacey as President Frank Underwood is a lot of fun to watch.
  • Daredevil (March – Netflix): I thought this show had an excellent first season. Curious to see where they go in season 2.
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (April – Netflix): We loved season 1. The show feels like 30 Rock and The Office got together and had a baby. Plus, the theme song is so catchy!
  • Game of Thrones (April – HBO): I LOVE THIS SHOW! I’m so excited! (That is all.)
  • Veep (April – HBO): Rachel and I just binge-watched the first 4 seasons of Veep. This is another show I think Rachel likes more than I do, but I definitely appreciate how funny and quirky everyone is.
  • Silicon Valley (April – HBO): Silicon Valley is hilarious. Erlich Bachman is one of my favorite characters on TV.

That takes us up to the summer months. As you can see, HBO and Netflix are well represented. Tomorrow I will look at some of the upcoming movies we are looking forward to!

Suwanee Gateway Half Marathon Recap

This past Saturday, January 30th, I had the opportunity to run the Suwanee Gateway Half Marathon in Suwanee, Georgia. Suwanee is about 25 miles north of Atlanta.

I was excited to run this race, as one of my goals for 2016 is to run more local races. Plus, I am familiar with the area, as Rachel and I used to live in Gwinnett County, where Suwanee is located. 

I got up bright and early to make my way up to the Suwanee Town Center. The race started at 7:30, but I was aiming to get up there a little before 7:00 to park and find the starting line. One of the nice things about this race is the runners could hang out in the City Hall building before the race starts. It was a chilly 30 degrees that morning, so not having to wait outside in the starting corral was awesome!


Hanging out in City Hall.

The race was a nice size of around 300 runners, which made for an easy transition to the starting line, which was literally right down the steps from City Hall. I ended up running into several people I knew from when we lived in Gwinnett County.

I also knew that my new social media running friend Brandi would be there as well. It was great to get to talk with Brandi and one of her friends Jennifer for a while before the race got started.

At 7:25 we made our way down to the starting line and by 7:30 we were off. I stayed with Brandi for the first mile just chatting and getting to know her a little better. She was running her 50th half marathon that morning. She is a rock star!

After the first mile, I ended up leaving Brandi, as her pace is just a little slower than mine. My goal was to maintain around a 10 minute per mile pace. I had read there were several hills in this race, so I was mentally preparing myself to dominate the hills!

The first 3-4 miles were nice and steady. As we entered into George Pierce Park, we encountered our first big hill. And I’ll be honest, it about wore me out. I train on some hills in Atlanta, but my long training runs during Dopey were mostly flat to simulate running at Disney. It had been quite a while since I had run a hill like this one for sure.


Running down Peachtree Industrial Blvd. before getting to George Pierce Park.

After George Pierce Park, we headed into the Suwanee Greenway, which was my favorite part of the run. The greenway feels like you are running on a trail through the woods with beautiful scenery, trees and water along the way. As we exited out of the greenway, the hardest part of the run was next. Mile 8 to around mile 10 is a steady incline. It definitely took a lot of my energy to continue to push through.

But the nice part is once you get past this section, it’s a steady decline from around mile 10 to around mile 12.5. My fastest 3 miles were during this stretch and I was able to regain some of the lost time from the previous hills.


Right around mile 11…I was happy to be coming down the hill this time!

As you make your way back to the Town Center and the finish line, you encounter the final hill, which unfortunately is at the very end. But as I crossed mile 13, I was able to push the last tenth of a mile and cross the finish line with a solid pace and great finishing time.


One of my friends got this picture of me coming down the finish line!


The Finish Line!



I grabbed my medal, water and banana and made my way to my car, which was right at the mile 13 marker. I hung around for about 20-30 minutes catching up with some more friends and cheering on the remaining runners. I even got a great picture of Brandi coming up the final hill. She was dominating!


Go Brandi Go!

All in all, it was a great race! For the size of this kind of race, there were plenty of water stations and good crowd support along the way. I will say there were quite a few more hills that I was expecting, but nothing impossible. I definitely think I will do this race again. Hopefully Rachel will consider running it with me next year!