Best of List: Top Movies of 2017

I love a good “Best Of…” list. So for the next several blog posts, I will be sharing some of my favorite things of 2017. Today’s post will feature my favorite movies of 2017. It’s an interesting list because Rachel and I used to be big moviegoers. We would go 2-3 times a month. However, over the past few years, we don’t get out to the movies as much. With the high ticket prices and the fact that you can stream movies so quickly after they are in the theaters, we end up limiting which movies we see to the ones we really want to see sooner rather than later.

All that to say, I am behind on quite a few films that I was hoping to catch this year. But I still saw some excellent films this year. In no particular order, here we go…

  • Wonder Woman Easily the best DC movie since Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.
  • The Big Sick Loved this movie. It was sweet, funny and very well written.
  • Baby Driver One of the most original movies I’ve seen in a long time. And the soundtrack was excellent!
  • Dunkirk Intense, compelling, visually stunning. Christopher Nolan at his best.
  • Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri Loved it. Felt like a Cohen Brothers movie. Dark, funny and very well acted.
  • Thor: Ragnorok My favorite Thor movie for sure. One of the best Marvel movies, which is saying something.
  • Coco Gorgeous visuals. Great story. Pixar at its best.
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming The best Spider-Man since Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man 2. And probably the funniest of the Marvel movies.

Several movies that I haven’t seen yet, but hope to soon:

  • The Post
  • The Florida Project
  • Lady Bird
  • I, Tonya
  • All The Money In The World
  • Blade Runner 2049

What are some of your favorite movies from 2017?

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