Pacific Northwest/Disneyland Recap (Part Two – Seattle)

A few weeks ago, Rachel and I headed out for our 2018 summer vacation to Portland, Seattle and Disneyland for 9 days. We ended up spending 3 awesome days in each location. Check out Part One Here. Today…our time in Seattle!

After spending a wonderful few days in Portland, we made our way up to Seattle for the next stop on our vacation. Since we had the rental car in Portland, we were able to drive up to Seattle vs. flying. We ended up stopping along the way in Tacoma, Washington, as someone (Rachel) is a little obsessed with the movie 10 Things I Hate About You, and Tacoma has 2 different filming locations. We found the school and the house from the movie. It was actually quite awesome!


Once we got up to Seattle, we dropped our rental car off, as we wouldn’t need it for the rest of our trip, and made our way over to the hotel. We found a cool hotel, called Hotel Max, that would be our home for the next 3 days and was close to everything.


After dropping our stuff off, we made our way down to Pike Place Market to explore the Seattle Waterfront. We ended up starting with the first ever Starbucks and grabbing coffee. It was cool to see where it all started! 


From there we walked around a bunch exploring the area and taking in the city for the rest of the day. We ended up meeting some friends who live in Fremont (just north of the city) for dinner that evening. It was awesome to see them!


After dinner, we made our way back down to Pike Place Market and the Seattle Waterfront to get some ice cream and watch the sun set. It was breathtaking!


The next day, we started at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery, which is basically a coffee bar. It’s also where I had probably the best mocha in my life. We had a great time. Highly recommend for Starbucks fans!


Later, we made our way over to the Seattle Monorail to ride over to the Seattle Center/Space Needle area. We started with the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPop), which was really neat! It had a bunch of different room experiences, including a Horror room, Fantasy room, Jimmy Hendrix Experience room, Nirvana room and more. We had a lot of fun exploring all the different parts of the museum.


After the MoPop, we hit up the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit, which was highly recommended to us by several people. And friends…it did not disappoint. It was one of the coolest experiences of our trip. The glass/art was unlike anything we’ve ever seen. I think we could have spent hours admiring all of the work/details. Pictures really don’t do it justice.


From there our time to go to the top of the Space Needle had arrived. Now if I’m being honest, I don’t love heights, but I definitely wanted to go up to the top to see all of the city. And while unfortunately it was a little hazy, it was still really awesome to see everything. As always…pictures really don’t capture how cool Seattle really is.


Once we finished up in the Seattle Center area, we rode the monorail back over to our hotel area. We grabbed some dinner and took an Uber over to Kerry Park, which again was highly recommended to us by several people. Kerry Park is this little park that overlooks the city skyline. It was quite beautiful! I only wish it was clearer so as to see Mount Rainier in the background!


On our final Seattle day, we grabbed a ferry over to Bainbridge Island for a few hours. It was about a 40 minute ferry ride over to the island and ended up being a little on the colder side for that morning. Nothing like needing a long-sleeved hoodie in early July…


We spent a few hours exploring the stores on the island and grabbing lunch before heading back over to the city. The views of Seattle heading back over on the ferry boat were awesome!


The rest of the day was spent exploring the different sights, shopping and eating. We even made it up to Gas Works Park (another 10 Things I Hate About You movie location) and The Troll under the bridge in Fremont.


After meeting up with our friends again for dinner, we made our way back down to the hotel for one last night of sleep before our flight the next morning to Anaheim. All in all, we had the best time in Seattle. It is a beautiful city with so much to do. We will definitely be back!

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