Things I’m Thankful For (Part 3)

Today’s post will be a little shorter. Rachel and I just got down to Florida for the next several days with my family for the Thanksgiving holidays.

So today I am thankful for my friends. I love the people I have met over the course of my life. I love that I still have contact with several people from my childhood/high school days. Several of my closest friends today, I met in college. From doing Student Ministry for 17 years, I have had the opportunity to meet and “hopefully” influence thousands of young men and women. And the best part of that…is so many of these former students have become great friends in my life.

I love the people I have met in my life. They are all so important to me. Below are pictures of just a few friends/people. (There are so many more I could share but didn’t want to over do it) Until my next post…Happy Thanksgiving!



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