Closing Out November

As we come to the end of November (how is this even possible!), I finally have a chance to catch my breath and reflect on this crazy month. It was very busy month to say the least. To recap…

  • Monthly running mileage: Over 130 miles (including a 18 and 19 mile training run). Dopey challenge (48.6 miles in 4 days) training is in full swing!
  • I went to Orlando to officiate a wedding for a former student of mine the first weekend of November. It was a lovely ceremony/reception with 2 wonderful people. IMG_2960
  • I returned Sunday from Orlando and left Tuesday morning to head out to California for 5 days. (Rachel had been at a work conference for the last week). We spent the next 5 days driving the coast of California from San Francisco to Anaheim.
  • Crazy busy work week in between California and Thanksgiving week with several night meetings and a Sunday morning meeting. (got to love working in the church world)

  • Finally, we left Tuesday to head to Crystal Beach in Tarpon Springs, Florida for 4 days with my family for Thanksgiving. My Dad rented a beach house for all my siblings and their families for a total of 17 people (8 nieces and nephews included)! I will blog more about that trip later this week.
  • And yesterday we finally got around to decorating for Christmas (our favorite holiday)!IMG_3374

All in all…it’s been a busy but amazing month! I don’t usually travel quite this much but it was a great time with family, friends and, of course, Rachel. Looking forward to a “little” less crazy December with only 1 quick (36 hour) trip to New Orleans plus two 20 mile training runs…in addition to my birthday and Christmas! Should be fun!

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