WDW Marathon Weekend: 10K

I was looking forward to the 10K race morning as Rachel would be running the first of her two races with me. (She was also registered for the marathon on Sunday.)

We were up and at it by 3:30 am that morning. As we were getting ready, Rachel checked the weather and mentioned it looked like it might rain on us the whole time. Fortunately, we had trained a few different days in the rain during the Fall to prepare ourselves for this kind of weather. We decided to wear matching outfits for this race, which included the Pro Compression socks #thegibblers and Dee and Dum shirts from Raw Threads. (In all honesty…the only reason I was wearing the Dee shirt vs. the Dum shirt is that Rachel’s Dum shirt was significantly on sale when we bought them.)


We headed over to the Epcot parking lot with no trouble and sat in our car for a good 10-15 minutes since it was already raining. After getting through the bag check area, we grabbed a quick picture, found the port-a-potties and got into our corral. Rachel was in Corral B, so I moved back with her. The rain, while never super strong, was coming down enough to be annoying. I was already pretty wet. We got started about 10 minutes after Corral A and we were on our way!


We took a nice slower pace for the 6.2 miles. With the rain, there were quite a few puddles. My feet/legs were soaked by the end of the 3rd mile. We got to the Boardwalk Resort area between mile 4 and 5. And I must say, it was my favorite part of the course. Seeing all of the buildings lit up with a ton of people cheering you on, really gives you an extra push.

After coming out of the Boardwalk area, we went around the corner to the backside entrance of Epcot, when we came across Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Now we typically don’t stop for character pictures, but when you are dressed as the characters, we made an exception!

After the character pictures, we finished the 10K by running through Epcot. Our time was 1:05:14 for right around a 10:30 per mile pace (not counting the character stop). I was pleased with our pace and time since we were definitely trying not to push it too much. We picked up our medals, got a few pictures, water/Powerade, and runner’s box and made our way back to the condo.IMG_3685

Later that morning, we made our way over to the Magic Kingdom. We had the Magic Kingdom on our agenda for Monday as well, so our plan for the day was to take it easy, hit up a few rides and eat lunch at Be Our Guest. After riding a few rides, we ran into some friends who live in North Carolina (but they are both from Atlanta). It was so good to catch up with them for a little bit.IMG_3691

We were very excited to eat lunch at Be Our Guest. It’s one of our favorite restaurants in the park, plus “The Grey Stuff” cupcake really is delicious.

After lunch, we walked around a little more while stopping to ride a few more rides before heading back to the condo to get off our feet.

Later that evening, we met up with our friends who live in Celebration for dinner at a nice Italian restaurant near our condo. They were running the Half Marathon the next morning for the first time! We called it an early night and I got ready to run the 3rd step of the Dopey Challenge! 9.3 miles down, 39.3 miles to go!


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