Wednesday Ramblings

Today’s post is about some things going on in my life, hence the title “Wednesday Ramblings.”

  • I’ve been dealing with some right foot pain after running the Publix Georgia ​Half Marathon on March 20. I dealt with plantar fasciitis about a year ago in this same foot​,​ and it’s back. My running mileage has suffered over the ​last ​10 days as a result. I’m still running,​ but taking a day off in between and lowering the distance. It’s starting to feel a little better today. I have another half marathon on April 17,​ so hopefully by then I’ll be close to 100%.
  • One of my oldest and closest friends from my childhood (Matt) lost his dad last Saturday,​ March 26. Matt’s dad (Larry) was a wonderful man. I love this family and was very sad to hear this news. Rachel and I aren’t able to get down to the funeral, but we are planning a trip to visit Matt and his family at the end of April. From someone who has lost a parent, my thoughts and prayers are with Matt and his family. Lifelong friendships like the one I have with Matt are few and far between.


    Matt (3rd from the right of me) was one of my groomsman.

  • Rachel and I just finished the 4th season of House of Cards on Netflix. After a disappointing 3rd season (my opinion), this new season was excellent. Frank and Claire Underwood are two of the most fascinating characters on television. If you haven’t watched this show yet, we both highly recommend
  • We also finally got around to watching Spotlight ​(from Redbox)​. Spotlight won best picture this year,​ and I had heard great things about this film. Without spoiling anything, I’ll say it is a must-see in my opinion. I’m still thinking about it days later! NvHyDLUwOlFGaXYidabJzhmiqi
  • Finally, I’m in the middle of the book Creativity, Inc.​,​ by Ed Catmall​,​ who is one of the co-founders of Pixar Animation Studios. I love Pixar movies and the creativity behind each film. This book takes a closer look at their story, but also the leadership principles and philosophies behind the key people who started Pixar. I am learning some great stuff through this book. I’m looking forward to reviewing the book in a blog post soon.


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