Reflecting on April Goals

Last month, I did a blog post on my goals for April. Today I want to look back to see how I did.


Running Goals

  • 100 mile month. Between work and my right foot giving me some issues, the last two months have been a little slower for me (and by slower I mean less than 100 miles…). The goal for April is to break 100 miles.

I ended up with 101 total miles for the month of April. I ran 4 of the last 5 days of the month to get my goal, but I did it!

  • I am running the Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon at Walt Disney World on April 17. My goal is to run this half for enjoyment and pain free.

I blogged about my experience running the Star Wars Half a few weeks ago. It was a great race!

  • Cross training. I was much better about this a few years ago. But as I started to increase my running mileage, my cross training took a backseat. My goal this month is to add in a day of cross training in addition to running.

I increased my crossing training last month, although not as much as I was hoping for. But I definitely plan on increasing over the summer, especially as the hotter temperatures lower my overall running mileage.

General Goals

  • I love to read and yet sometimes I get distracted by TV, iPhone games and just life in general. The goal this month is to read two new books.

I finished one book and am about 2/3 of the way through a second book. Plus, I’m about halfway through a 3rd book. So I’m counting this a win!

  • Cut back on Starbucks. Those of you who know me know that cutting back on Starbucks is a huge deal. I have gotten into the habit recently of going almost every single day. For one, it’s not great on our bank account. But more importantly, I really don’t need the extra calories every day. The plan for April is to drop 1-2 days a week.

I failed miserably at my attempt to cut back on Starbucks last month. I may have a problem… (Haha!) Here’s to working on that in May.

  • Technology. It’s a great thing, but shouldn’t dominate our lives. The final goal for April is to cut back my iPhone, computer and iPad time, especially first thing in the morning and late at night. I’m hoping to use this time to read, run and most importantly, be present with Rachel.

Another thing that I definitely improved on, but could have been better about. You don’t realize the hold technology really has on your life until you try to cut back on it. 


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