New Blog Posts Coming Soon

I know, I know. I’ve been slacking on the blog. My life has been crazy recently. I’ve actually been working on the blog behind the scenes, and have several posts lined up over the next week.

Here is a sneak peek…

  • Disney Trip Recap the weekend of August 5-7, including staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort. This could possibly be broken up into 2 posts with Rachel writing a guest post as well.

Love this picture from our trip!

  • 17 Mile training run last Saturday, August 13. Short version…I finished. Long version…it was completely draining.

Crossing 15 miles during my run. I look way too happy for how I really felt.

  • New job responsibilities at my current job. Exciting opportunity!

Also…we are officially 2 weeks away from leaving for our summer vacation to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. We are also running the Disneyland Half Marathon for the 3rd consecutive year. We are super pumped!


Finisher Pic from last summer.

All that to say, lots to talk about over the next week. Stay tuned…

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