August Disney Trip Part 2

Yesterday, I started talking about the first half of our trip to Disney a few weekends ago. Check out that blog post here.

Saturday morning, I got up super early to get in a 4-5 mile run. Since I’m training for the Chicago Marathon, I felt like taking 3 days off from running was a little too much. The Caribbean Beach Resort has a great 1.2 mile loop that runs throughout the whole resort. I was able to take in quite a bit more of the scenery, while logging in the miles.

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After getting cleaned up, Rachel and I headed over to the Magic Kingdom for a few hours. We had reservations at Be Our Guest so we were able to hit up a few rides before heading to lunch. As always, we had a great meal at Be Our Guest! The “grey stuff” really is delicious!

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After lunch, we walked around a little more, riding some more rides, before making our way back to the resort. But not before we were able to get one of my favorite pictures ever of us in front of the castle. Seriously…so good!


Later that afternoon, we made our way over to the Wilderness Lodge for dinner. We met up with Nick and Ciara, where we ate at The Whispering Canyon Cafe. I love this restaurant! Nick and I had the all-you-can-eat platter. So much food!



Once we finished dinner, we walked around more of the Wilderness Lodge. It’s definitely my favorite place we have stayed at.

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Then we made our way over to the Polynesian Village Resort. In all my years of visiting Disney, I’ve never been at the Polynesian. And I’ve got to tell you, it’s gorgeous. So much to see and take in. Amazing theming and sights, plus you can literally see the Magic Kingdom from across the water. It’s definitely on my bucket list to stay!

The following morning, we checked out and headed over to Universal Studios/Harry Potter World for a few hours. Nick and Ciara met up with us for the final part of our trip. We walked around and rode a few rides. I love the Harry Potter sections of these parks!

After a few hours, we said our goodbyes and started the journey back home to Atlanta. Until next time…

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