Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Part 2

Before we left for California, something pretty awesome happened: I was invited to the Cigna Blogger and Social Media meet-up during the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend. On the Friday of our trip, I was privileged enough to participate in lunch/discussion with some amazing runners and bloggers.Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) 1.jpg

Per the email…During this fun-filled event, you will…  


  • Play the Know Your Health Game Show for a chance to win great prizes
  • Get to know fellow bloggers
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch
  • Follow the conversation during the live event using #CignaRunTogether

I was super honored to be invited to this exclusive event with so many great runners, and several that have become good friends. From Justin, Carlee, Brandi to Linzie and AJ and so many more, this was a solid crew.

Upon arriving at the event, I was given a sticker with Daisy Duck on it. Each table had a corresponding character, which is how everyone was broken up into teams. I made my way over to eat lunch and hang with my team. Plus, sitting next to Linzie, I knew it was going to be a solid group!

The lunch spread was solid, and although I wasn’t super hungry, I still found several things to eat. Plus, I can never say no to dessert!



After lunch, some Cigna representatives got up on stage to let us know the game plan for the afternoon. This event was not going to be anything like what I was expecting…we were going to get up and be active!
We ended up playing quite a few games against the other teams. From Bananagrams using health-related words, acting out activities that we thought burned the most calories to doing specific dance moves while having the rest of the group guess what we were doing or singing songs with health-related words in them only using “La’s” (which I totally dominated!), we had a great time!

And then just when this event couldn’t get any better…Mickey and Minnie totally walked through the side door to take pictures with everyone!


All in all, I had a great experience getting to spend a few hours with some amazing people. I was so grateful for the invitation and for Rachel, who graciously gave up a couple of hours with me so I could attend.


PS…Check out the video that Cigna made after our event!

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