Friday Favorites

Welcome to yet another addition of Friday Favorites, where I take a look at some awesome things going on in the life of Allen.

  • Job Update: For the past 2 years, I’ve been working as the Director of Activities/Recreation Ministries at St. James UMC in Atlanta. This role comes after being a Director of Student Ministries for 16 years at various churches, mostly in the Atlanta area. About a month ago, our Student Director resigned to go to another church in South Carolina, thus leaving the church with an opening. The pastors came to me with a proposal…Director of Student and Activities Ministries. And with this new title, I would be able to hire a part-time Assistant Director for the Student Ministry as well as more staff for the Activities Ministry. After taking a few days to process and pray, I decided to accept this new role. I officially began this past Sunday in my new position, and I’m happy to say it was a solid first Sunday with the students and adult volunteers.

    And bonus…we’ve already hired a new Assistant Director and she was able to start on Sunday as well! All in all, Rachel and I are thrilled to be back around students on a more permanent basis. Plus, the salary bump is always nice! We love this church, the people and this area of Atlanta, plus they are very understanding of my crazy running schedule and frequent trips to Disney. Big-time win!

  • 20 Mile Training Run: Tomorrow morning, I am out for my last very long training run of 20 miles for the Chicago Marathon. Unfortunately, the weather has not given up the heat/humidity very much at all…especially for mid-September. I was hoping by this last long run it might be a little cooler, but looks like another day in the 90s. Hopefully by the time I finish, the weather will still be relatively mild. Wish me luck!!


  • College Football: I know I’m a few weeks late to the party, but I’m so pumped College Football has started back. The next 6 months really are the best time of the year with two of my favorites sports of College Football and College Basketball, along with the holidays, my birthday and our anniversary. Throw in cooler weather and I’m one happy Allen.


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