DIY Disney Running Costumes: Disney Duos Edition (Guest Post)

Today Rachel takes over the blog to talk about her experience creating running costumes for the Disneyland Half Marathon.

When runDisney announced there would be a theme to this year’s Disneyland Half Marathon – Disney Duos – I finally got the itch to wear a costume for the race. Then came the question mark: could I convince Allen to join me? (It’s duos, after all!)

Allen and I have never been costume people for the Disney races. We came close with the Disney World 10k this year, by wearing Tweedledee and Tweedledum Raw Threads shirts and matching PRO Compression socks.


Don’t mind us, we’re just soaking wet.

Somehow I managed to convince him that we should go for it this time! Neither of us was aiming for a PR, so we wanted to have fun and take our time.

For me, there was never any decision to make regarding which duo we’d be dressing as. My favorite Pixar movie, featuring truly one of the greatest Disney love stories, is Wall-E. (I mean, there isn’t any dialogue for – what, 30 minutes? – and it’s still amazingly touching and sweet.) So of course we had to dress up as Wall-E and Eve!


Confession: earlier this year, I came across an Instagram photo of a woman dressed as Wall-E for a runDisney race. I drew a lot of ideas and inspiration from that photo. However, I wanted the final product to be as comfortable as possible for Allen and me. My main goal, aside from simply being recognizable, was to create something that wouldn’t impede our running.

I’m not a super crafty person by nature, so I wanted to keep everything as simple as possible. I’m also not creative in the way of materials to use, so for the details, I went with what I thought would be easiest to work with: felt. (Regrettably, I read an article about how to stiffen felt after I spent hours one afternoon struggling to cut floppy felt…)


Getting into the Disneyland spirit.

Let’s face it: Eve was easy. She’s all white! All I needed was a white shirt, all-white shorts (easier said than done – I ended up with a white skirt), and white compression socks. I did end up taping my shoes with white duct tape – I was not going to let pink running shoes hold me back from committing to a theme! I cut Eve’s green plant emblem and her eyes out of felt, and I was good to go.



Wall-E was a little trickier. Allen found the perfect gold shirt (on about the third trip to Dick’s Sporting Goods to find said perfect gold shirt), and already had black shorts. He also wore black and white striped compression socks – though Wall-E’s stripes are on his arms, this was close enough (Allen’s a heavy sweater, so I didn’t want to load him up with extraneous fabric).

Remember when I said I spent hours cutting felt? That was 95% for Wall-E. I built his circuit board, sunlight charger, name, and of course, sad puppy dog eyes. Then I had to make sure everything would fit on Allen’s shirt, with room for the race bib.

Luckily, all the hard work turned out great. I’ve never traveled with a hot glue gun – but it definitely came in handy!

We got some great feedback during the race, and we had a fun time taking pictures and enjoying ourselves, especially the miles in the parks. We also didn’t see another Wall-E and Eve pair, so our costumes felt very special.

All told, if I can ensure it being comfortable and easy to run in (and create), I would probably run in a costume again. Now we’ll see if I can convince Allen…

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