Chicago Marathon – Taper Time

A week from tomorrow, we will be on our way up to Chicago for the marathon weekend. As I’ve mentioned before, after months of training, I am officially in taper mode with my running. And, of course, now that my training runs are much shorter, the weather in Atlanta has finally gotten much cooler in the mornings. Isn’t that always the way?!


After my 20 mile training run two weekends ago and then 12 miles this past weekend, I “only” have 8 miles scheduled for Saturday morning (besides my normal weekday shorter runs).

I feel ready. Most runners, while they are tapering, can struggle to lower their running mileage by this much. But I feel good about it. Honestly, my knees have been slightly bothering me a little bit, so I’m happy to be backing off the miles right now.


I’ve been thinking about what my goals are for the race and if I want to do a blog post on them. But at the moment, my main goal is to have fun, not get hurt and hopefully finish strong with a smile on my face. That’s really the best outcome for me!


And really the thing I’m most looking forward to is a weekend away with the wife. I’m so grateful she is coming to cheer me on. Anyway…I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences after the race!

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