Chicago Marathon Weekend

After months and months of training, Rachel and I are heading out today for Chicago, where I will be running the Chicago Marathon on Sunday. It’s been a long and quite draining process, but it’s finally here.


The itinerary for the weekend is pretty chill for us. We should get into Chicago today around late afternoon before possibly meeting up with one of Rachel’s closest friends who is also in town.

Saturday we will hit up the expo before exploring Chicago for a good portion of the rest of the day. We have some great running friends that we’ve made over the past year (Justin and Devin) that we are hoping to spend some time with as well. I definitely want to be back in the room fairly early to rest up and, of course, watch some college football.

For Sunday (Race Day), I’m in the second wave so my start time is a little later, which is fine with me. I’ll be off between 8-8:30 (central time) and on my way. Rachel is going to try to catch me a few times on the race course while I’m running. I think she is hoping to meet up with Devin since Justin is also running. After the race, I’m sure I will be completely wiped out…but after resting for a few hours, the plan is to grab a celebratory dinner somewhere in the city!


Monday we head back to Atlanta after a short but hopefully successful weekend!

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