Checking In

As I sit down to start working on blog posts from our trip to Disney for the WDW Marathon Weekend, I find myself trying to find the words to describe the 5 days we were in Florida. It was definitely a very different trip than I was expecting.

Mainly, our half marathon on Saturday was actually cancelled due to weather concerns. This was absolutely the right call…however, when you plan your trip around the race and it doesn’t happen, it throws everything off.

As I begin to work on the posts, I’ve decided to break it up into 2 posts. I’ll talk about our overall trip, as this year Rachel’s parents came down for most of the trip. It was such a great time with them! Secondly, I’ll talk about the race weekend that was/wasn’t. And if we are lucky…we may even get a 3rd post from Rachel!

So stay tuned for the 2017 WDW Marathon Weekend recaps coming soon!


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