June Disney Trip Recap (Part Two)

Check out part one here!

The next morning (Saturday), I got up a little earlier than Rachel to get in a quick 3-4 mile run. I love running on the Disney properties and Coronado Springs is no exception. Coronado has a nice 1.2 mile loop that takes you around the inside of the resort. This made for some good people watching as well.

Once I finished up my run, Rachel was already getting out of the shower. So after I finished cleaning up, we made our way over to the Magic Kingdom for the day.


Now with most of our Disney trips to Orlando, since we have annual passes, we can take it easy while we are in the parks. We ended up walking around for most of the day, riding a few rides and just taking in the overall experience of the Magic Kingdom.

Later that afternoon, we headed back over to our resort to rest for a little while. While the temperatures were never crazy hot, the crowds were quite high. It was nice to take a little break before heading over to Disney Springs for the evening.

Once we got over to Disney Springs, where we were meeting several of our friends for dinner, the rain storms decided to grace us again with their presence. And unfortunately, this made trying to meet up with our friends, and getting over to the restaurant, quite interesting to say the least. By the time we met up, we were all pretty soaked.

But even with the rain, we had a great time getting to see everyone for dinner. We were grateful they braved the storms to come over and see us. My only regret is we didn’t get a picture of us. After spending a few hours together, Rachel and I made our way back over to the resort for the evening. We would have walked around Disney Springs more, but the rain had not really let up. So we called it and early night.

The final morning, we packed up and grabbed some breakfast at one of the quick service places in Coronado Springs. We decided to head back over to the Animal Kingdom for another hour or so to see Pandora one last time. Fortunately, we had a FastPass for the river ride and were able to ride that one more time. After maybe an hour, we headed back to our car and began the journey back to Atlanta. While I would have loved to stay a little longer, I had an early Monday morning at work.

All in all, we had a great (and quick) weekend trip to Disney. We were both so impressed with the new Pandora Land at the Animal Kingdom. It is a must see for sure! I expect it will become part of our regular rotation when we are down there. Until next time, Disney…

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