Checking In With Allen

So believe it or not…I’m still here! As we hit the middle of February, it’s time for a quick check in on everything going on in my world.

  • Basketball Season One of my favorite and busiest seasons is during January and February with our Youth Basketball league. We run basketball games all day every Saturday (except this coming weekend) for these two months. It’s a great outreach to the community, but takes a lot of work and time. We’ve been fortunate to have over 160 kids participate this season. We wrap up everything the weekend of March 3.


  • Disney Trip Since we don’t have basketball games this weekend (President’s Day), Rachel and I are headed down for a quick weekend trip to Disney. We will leave on Thursday morning and come back Sunday. We are staying on property at the Pop Century Resort for the first two nights and with our friends on Saturday night. The weather actually looks to be quite warm. We are looking forward to having a few days in our happy place!


  • Running Journey After finishing the Dopey Challenge back in early January, it’s been nice to have a few months just to run with no races or goals in mind. I continue to get my mileage and longer runs at a respectable distance, so I’m able to run a half marathon at any time. But it’s nice to just run for the sake of running. Rachel and I are looking to add a few races to our calendar in the next few months. Stay tuned!
  • Taxes Last weekend, I finished our 2017 taxes and we are actually getting back a pretty nice refund this year! After owing money to the federal government last year, it was nice to see a positive number. Vacation fund will see a nice bump!


  • New Nephew (Coming Soon) Another super exciting piece of news, Rachel’s brother and sister-in-law are expecting their first kid! We just found out it’s going to be a little boy. We are excited to become an aunt/uncle again and this time on Rachel’s side of the family!
  • Fractured Elbow And finally, just a quick update on my fractured left elbow…it’s doing much better. After several weeks of physical therapy, I have seen significant improvement, especially with my range of motion, which has helped my guitar playing.

All in all, it’s been a busy, but good start to 2018. How has your year been going so far?

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