Things I’m Thankful For (Day 1)

I want to take this week to talk about a few things I’m thankful for. Today I’ll start with my amazing wife Rachel. We started dating the Fall of 2003 during her freshman year of college (and yes I was a “few” years older). I was working at a Methodist church as a Student Minister in Lawrenceville, GA, while she was attending the University of Georgia in Athens about 45 minutes away.
She graduated from UGA in December 2006 and we got married January 27, 2007.

Over the last (almost) 9 years of marriage and 12 years of dating, we have been through quite a bit together. From several moves (Lawrenceville, Auburn, Atlanta, Buford and now Brookhaven) to several jobs (me specifically) to watching movies and sports, to hanging out with friends, to the loss of my mother in 2013, to countless trips (including a few to Disney…) to running with or watching me run numerous races, it’s been an amazing journey.

Rachel has the best heart of anyone I’ve ever known. She is kind, generous, smart, loving, sweet, beautiful and most importantly my best friend. I am so thankful to be her husband. I am truly a blessed man.

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