Running Survey

I saw this running survey on another blog and thought I would take a stab at it.

Do you listen to music when you run?
Yes. Especially when I am by myself. I spend quite a bit of time working on the perfect playlist. It helps keep me motivated, especially during long runs.

What brand of running shoes do you wear?
Nike Pegasus and Brooks Ghost

What do you wear on your head when you run?
I typically start out with a Halo band and carry a hat with me.

What temperature is your favorite for running?                                                            Anything between 50 and 65 degrees with a slight breeze is my sweet spot.
Do you run solo or with a buddy?
Mostly alone during the week and with the wife on the weekends for longer runs (when she is up for it).

Are you a morning, afternoon, or evening runner?                                                        Morning for sure.

Do you have any races coming up?
(these are the races I am currently registered for)

  • Suwanee Gateway Half Marathon (Just finished it this morning)
  • Publix Half Marathon in March (Atlanta)
  • Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon in April (WDW – Florida)
  • Peachtree Road Race 10K in July (Atlanta – Guaranteed admission through Atlanta Track Club)
  • Disneyland Half Marathon in September (Disneyland – California)

What is your favorite distance?
13.1 miles. Love the half marathon distance. The training doesn’t dominate your life like marathon training does. But it’s still a good solid distance.
What is your favorite race?
WDW Marathon Weekend in January. It’s where I ran my first half marathon in 2013.

Do you wear a running watch to track your distance?
Yes, for years I ran with a Nike watch, but changed over to a Garmin 220 last spring.

Who is your running idol?
Anyone who works hard for something – I admire that!

How long have you been running?
I started running the summer of 2006 to lose weight before my wedding in January 2007. I started running longer distances about 4 years ago, including my first half marathon in 2013 and first full marathon in 2015.
What do you drink to stay hydrated? When do you start taking fuel?
For any run over around 6 miles, I like to carry a water bottle with me. For runs over 13 miles, I carry 2 bottles – one with water and the other with Nuun. I typically take fuel for runs over 6-7 miles. I will take my first fuel at the 6 mile mark and then every 45 minutes after, depending on how I am feeling.

Where is your favorite place to run?
I ran one morning of our California road trip in Cambria overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was the perfect mix of scenery and weather. There was nothing quite like it!


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