Busy Week

I know this is true for all of us, but some weeks just bring about more than others. This week is no exception. Between personal stuff and work stuff, I’ve got a lot on my plate this week. Here is a sample of what I have going on this week.

  • We are hosting a Children’s Consignment Sale in our gym Thursday-Saturday. This is a huge moneymaker for our preschool/children’s ministry at the church. Hundreds of people from all across the area come. It requires a lot of manpower to pull off this event. While I’m not overseeing the sale, I help with the scheduling of the building for that week among anything else that is asked of me. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet so many people in the community, but it makes for a very busy work week on top of all of my other responsibilities.
  • I have several work meetings this week, one specifically that I’m hoping will help shape my future role on the staff.
  • I am running the Publix Half Marathon on Sunday morning. But before then, I need to get in a few more runs, get down to the expo in downtown Atlanta to pick up my race number and figure out my plan of action for getting there early Sunday a.m. There is a #werunsocial meet up on Saturday, so I’m hoping Rachel and I can go to the expo that day.
  • Some of our closest friends are having a birthday party for their 1 year old. We love this family and their daughter. They live about 45 minutes to an hour north of us and the party is on Saturday afternoon. Thus, the race expo, #werunsocial meet up and birthday party will make for a busy Saturday.
  • We have dinner plans with friends tonight (Tuesday) and Thursday night. Plus, Rachel and I try to go to Wednesday Night dinner each week at the church I work at.
  • Rachel’s brother Travis and his wife Erin are having everyone over on Sunday evening for dinner to celebrate Travis’ birthday (which is March 17). Looking forward to seeing Rachel’s family.
  • My iPhone has been giving me some major issues recently so today (hopefully) I will be upgrading to a new phone. Need to get to AT&T this afternoon and see if I can get this figured out.
  • Finally, today I’m putting my name in the lottery for the Chicago Marathon. The drawing is in mid-April. This is one of the Marathon Majors that I talked about on my bucket list blog post a few weeks ago. I didn’t get into NYC this year so I’m hoping I have better luck with Chicago. Wish me luck!13b7ab1f97c6e015a1187b8c3c4de1d9.jpg

How does your week look?

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