Upcoming Race Schedule

I like to do these kinds of posts from time to time to help remind myself of the races I have coming up.


  • Princess Half Marathon Rachel and I will be heading to Disney tomorrow evening, where we will both be running in the Princess Half Marathon on Sunday. I was originally not running this race, but since the half in January was cancelled, I decided to join Rachel. Should be fun running with mostly women!
  • Publix Half Marathon Rachel and I are running this race in mid-March in Atlanta. It was one of my favorite races in 2016.
  • Tinkerbell Half Marathon Rachel and I are heading out to Disneyland over Mother’s Day in May to run this half marathon. It will be our 4th consecutive Coast to Coast Challenge!
  • Peachtree Road Race As a member of the Atlanta Track Club, I have guaranteed admission to the world’s largest 10K, which takes place on July 4th in Atlanta. This will be my second year running this race.
  • SeaWheeze Half Marathon As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I received a free entry into this extremely popular half marathon in Vancouver. This race takes place in early August.
  • Dopey Challenge Finally, I signed up again for the Dopey Challenge at WDW in January 2018. The Dopey Challenge consists of running a 5K, 10K, half marathon and full marathon in consecutive days. Rachel is signed up for the 10K and half marathon. This will be my second overall Dopey!


While these are the only races I currently have on the schedule, I anticipate I will add several more to the calendar over the rest of the year. Stay tuned for recaps on all of these exciting races!

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