SeaWheeze Half Marathon Entry

Those of you that know me know that I absolutely love Lululemon clothes. I broke down about 18 months ago and picked up my first pair of running shorts and haven’t looked back since!

So naturally when I heard they put on their own half marathon in Vancouver, called SeaWheeze, I knew I would have to run it one day. However, it’s incredibly difficult to get in. They typically sell out within 3-5 minutes after registration goes on sale. And thus, I haven’t tried yet, but figured maybe in 2018 I would give it a go.

Fast forward to last Thursday, when I get a random message from LuLu on Twitter asking me to direct message them. Here is what I get back after I direct message them…


I was floored, excited and in disbelief. Free entry to this sold out race in Vancouver! Obviously the biggest part of this was figuring out how I could make this work. You see, Rachel and I leave 2 weeks after this race for a 16 day trip to Paris, Barcelona and Italy.

Fortunately, the wife was super supportive and encouraging of me trying to make this work. I found out my good friend Justin, who lives in Seattle, also got a surprise entry into the race. And because he and his wife, Devin, live in Seattle, they recommended we fly there, and offered for us all to make the 2-hour drive up together. 

This is a huge help, as flights to Vancouver are about twice as much as Seattle. And we will be able to crash with them one of the nights, which will save on a hotel room as well. 

So all that to say…we are officially going to Seattle/Vancouver for a long weekend in early August, where I will be running one of the coolest half marathons in the world! I’m pumped!



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