Princess Half Marathon Weekend Part 2

Continuing with our recap of the Princess Half Marathon weekend… (Check out part one here.) 

On Saturday morning, Nick (one of our gracious hosts) ended up making a wonderful breakfast for us. It was so good! And also a good way to kick off eating before the race. After spending a little more time with them, we made our way over to the Caribbean Beach Resort, where we would be staying for the rest of our trip. 

Once we checked in, we grabbed one of the Disney buses and made our way over to the Magic Kingdom for a couple of hours. We had several Fast Passes, so we hit up a few rides and enjoyed the beautiful weather.


Selfie with Cinderella’s Castle


Peter Pan’s Flight


It’s A Small World

A little before 1pm, we started making our way over to the Polynesian Resort for the #WeRunSocial meet-up. I was super excited to see several of my favorite running friends. 

AJ and Ivie (who live in California) made it over for the weekend. AJ has become an awesome friend as evidenced by the picture below. Plus getting to see Dani, Kara, as well as Brandi and her mom Karen made for an awesome meet-up!


So good to see my friend AJ!


AJ was running in the Glass Slipper Challenge (10K and Half Marathon back to back days)

We had a great time seeing everyone and eating some awesome donuts provided by Remi’s Minis. I seriously love this group of people!


The #WeRunSocial crew



After the meet-up, we hit up the monorail and made our way back over to the Magic Kingdom for a little longer, before making our way back to the resort. We cleaned up a bit and made our way to meet up with our friends, Chris and Meredith, for dinner. They had made reservations at this cool Italian place called Vincenzo’s. It was excellent! Love me some pasta the day before a long race! Plus, we got to meet several of Chris and Meredith’s friends, who joined us for dinner. 

Once dinner was over, we called it an early night since we had a very early wakeup the night day. But not before walking over to the shopping/dining area of the resort so we could check out the famous “Pin Board” that is only open from 7:30-8:00pm every night. It was massive!


Seriously this pin board was huge!

Stay tuned for the final part of the weekend, when Rachel takes over the blog to recap race day!

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