Taking Some “Me Time”

This blog has been a source of great joy for me the past 18 months. It has allowed me to share a lot of my thoughts on different things, such as Disney, running, pop culture, Disney, family, life in general and more Disney.


Over the past week, I’ve intentionally taken some time off from the blog. No particular reason except to allow myself some “Allen Time.” I’ve found myself, over the past few months, trying to be sure that I have blogged enough each week/month. I’m realizing that having a certain number of blog posts each month is not as important as making sure I’m blogging about what I truly care about.


So my blog will continue onward! But some weeks there might be more posts, and other weeks there might be none. And that’s ok with me! I actually have several things that I want to share over the next few posts, including the Georgia Publix Half Marathon Recap from last weekend, Allen’s recent running journey, new and exciting changes in my job role, and upcoming TV shows I’m looking forward to.
Stay tuned!

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