Upcoming TV Shows I’m Looking Forward To

Friends….I love great TV. I find myself drawn in to a great TV show and I can talk about it for weeks/months or even years! So naturally I always have a list of past, current and upcoming shows that I want to watch or even rewatch. Here is a list of current TV shows I’m looking forward to that are starting back in the next few weeks.

  • Better Call Saul: (April 10) The spin-off from Breaking Bad (my favorite TV of all time) begins its 3rd season next Sunday. I was skeptical during the beginning of the first season, but have grown to truly love this show! Excited for it to start back!
  • The Leftovers: (April 16) Rachel and I were late to the game with The Leftovers. We didn’t watch the first 2 seasons until after they had aired. But good Lord, this is a great TV show. It’s quite a bit different from a lot of stuff on TV, and I really appreciate that. Season 3 is actually the final season, so if you are looking for a new show to watch, this will be a good one to start with.the-leftovers


  • Veep: (April 16) This is one of the wife’s favorite shows. I do enjoy it as well. It’s probably one of the smarter shows on TV. Should be interesting to see where they go this season after last year’s election.
  • Fargo: (April 19) Oh man…I’m so excited about season 3 of Fargo! I finally got Rachel to watch the first 2 seasons with me over the past few months and she was hooked. Season 3 looks amazing! I can’t wait!web_fb_featured_fargo
  • Silicon Valley: (April 23) One of my favorite comedies on TV is Silicon Valley. Honestly, I think it’s super underrated. Should be interesting to see the direction that season 4 goes after a pretty big shake up during the season 3 finale.
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: (May 19) I LOVED season 1 of this show. Easily one of my favorite shows on Netflix. Season 2 took a little bit of a step back for me. Still good, but definitely not as strong as the first season. Hoping this 3rd season brings it back.
  • House of Cards: (May 30) House of Cards is such a great show. The acting and storyline are some of the best of TV. Binge worthy TV at its finest!netflix-house-of-cards

And last but certainly not least…

  • Game of Thrones: (July 16) AHHHHHH!!!! I’m so pumped for new GoT! I’ve read that the final 2 seasons (this one and the next) are going to be shorter seasons. I will enjoy it as long as I can, because I LOVE THIS SHOW!Mg7TpOaw

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