Friday Favorites

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Hard to believe we are already 5 days into May. The weather has been rainy and actually a little on the cooler side. Once the weather clears out tonight, it looks like an almost perfect weather weekend. Highs near 70 and lows in the upper 40’s. You know I’ll be getting in a good run tomorrow for sure! Anyways…on to another edition of Friday Favorites.

  • Tear Drop Half Marathon Last Sunday, Rachel and I ran the Tear Drop Half Marathon in Chatsworth, GA (Northwest of Atlanta). It was definitely one of the toughest races I’ve ever participated in (rolling hills for the first 4 miles and then downhill for almost 8 miles). And while the race was quite different than most of the half marathons I do, I ran my second fastest time! This will allow me to submit a new time, which should approve my starting corral placement for upcoming races. My PR (personal record) time expired this year, so it was time for a new one. Also, Rachel came within a minute of her PR! I was so proud of her! Anyways…an official recap of the race is coming next week.

Tear Drop 1

  • SeaWheeze Race Shorts Several months ago, I blogged that I got a free entry into the SeaWheeze Half Marathon in Vancouver in August. I was pumped to have the opportunity to run this very popular race. One of the coolest parts of this particular race is that it’s sponsored by Lululemon! So instead of doing race shirts, they do Lululemon race shorts. If you know anything about me, you know my love of Lulu running shorts. And even better, they send you the shorts several months before the race, so you can train in them. All that to say, my race shorts came in today…and they are super unique and I love them! I can’t wait to break in these bad boys soon!


  • Senior Recognition/Youth Sunday This Sunday is my last Sunday working with the Youth Ministry at the church (St. James UMC). As I’ve mentioned before, I am transitioning back to overseeing the Activities Building/Gym exclusively this month. For my last Sunday, the youth ministry is in charge of both Sunday morning services. This means they will literally oversee every aspect of the services, from preaching and reading scripture to ushering and serving communion. In addition to leading the services, we are also recognizing all of our graduating high school seniors. It should be a great morning celebrating our youth/seniors!
  • Family I love my family! There’s no question, we all truly love each other and celebrate each other’s successes. So for my last Friday Favorite, I want to celebrate something exciting that is happening for each of my immediate family members.
    • Dad My dad has been dating this wonderful lady (Suzanne) for several years now. A few months ago, they announced to us they are getting married in early August. We are all so happy for dad and excited to welcome Suzanne to our family!
    • Warren My older brother Warren and his family are planning an amazing trip to London and Paris for June. My dad is even going along with them. Just from my conversations with Warren, it looks like it’s going to be a once in a lifetime trip!
    • Will My younger brother Will is actually celebrating his birthday on Wednesday, May 10. He is hitting the big 40! Fortunately, we are only 17 months apart, so I’m not “that” far removed from 40. Rachel and I are heading up to visit his family (including my dad, who is in town) tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing him and celebrating this special birthday!
    • Julie My baby sister Julie welcomed a new addition to their household yesterday in the form of a new puppy, Lucy! She is precious and my nieces look like they are already in love with this animal. Looks like Rachel and I will need to get down to Auburn soon to visit!


And there you have it! The “Cinco De Mayo” addition of Friday Favorites! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Until next time….

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