Allen Updates

After almost 2 weeks off from the blog, I’m back! It’s been a fun, but quite busy month of May for sure. Here are some things that have been going on this month.

  • Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend Rachel and I spent 5 days out in California over Mother’s Day Weekend for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon at the Disneyland Resort. We had a wonderful trip at one of our favorite places! The weather, people, atmosphere, food and race could not have been better. I plan on doing 2-3 blog posts about our experiences soon.


  • Job Shift Once we got back from California, my job officially shifted at the church back to overseeing the Activities/Gym exclusively. I am very much looking forward to focusing my attention on one specific ministry at the church.
  • Rachel’s Birthday This past Sunday, Rachel turned 32! We had a very laid-back and low-key day celebrating her birthday. We weren’t able to see her parents, so we are planning on celebrating with them this coming weekend. Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife!


  • May Running With the temperatures and humidity rising in Atlanta and a 5 day vacation, I’ve started to see my mileage and pace drop a little this month. I typically average around 100 miles a month, but as of today I’m only at 60 miles. Plus, the weather has been quite rainy the past few days, which never helps. With the Memorial Day weekend coming up, my guess is I will still get above 80+ miles for the month. But it will definitely be my lowest monthly mileage in quite some time.


So that’s just a small snapshot of what’s been going on this month in my world. How’s your month been going?

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