10 Year Anniversary Trip Recap (Part Five – Disney Mediterranean Cruise)

As you may know, on August 24th, Rachel and I headed out for a 16 day trip to Europe to celebrate 10 years of marriage bliss. Today will be the fifth part of a series of blog posts highlighting this amazing trip. (Check out part onetwo, three and four here!) Without further ado…Part Five – Disney Mediterranean Cruise!

As we finished up in Paris and Barcelona, we got to the final week of our trip, the Disney Mediterranean Cruise, with stops in Naples, Rome, Florence and Cannes. In order to do true justice to this final week, today’s post will cover the Disney Cruise as a whole, before using the last few blog posts to break down the 4 Ports of Call and the excursions at each of these places.

To start with the Disney Cruise, it’s important to mention that Rachel and I have only been on one other cruise (and it was not Disney). So to say we were completely spoiled and blown away by the Disney Cruise would be taking it lightly. As you can imagine, Disney absolutely does everything first class/top notch. We had an amazing experience for the 7 days and nights while sailing the Mediterranean Sea.


The overall agenda for our Disney Cruise week…

Day One: Sail away from Barcelona
Day Two: Day at Sea
Day Three: Naples/Pompeii, Italy
Day Four: Rome, Italy
Day Five: Florence, Italy
Day Six: Cannes/Nice, France
Day Seven: Day at Sea
Day Eight: Arrive back in Barcelona

Instead of spending time talking through every day we were on the boat, here are the highlights. (It’s my hope to have Rachel do a blog post or two on our trip soon and I’m guessing she will hit on the cruise as well.)

Disney Cruise Highlights:

  • Our Travel Agent (and friend) Linda had a bottle of sparkling cider and chocolates waiting for us when we got to our stateroom for the first time. It was a super nice surprise.


  • The Disney Cruise Staff helped us celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary with little extra surprises, including a special dessert at dinner on the first night.


  • The evening shows each night were absolutely amazing. We especially enjoyed the Tangled Musical, Welcome Show and Farewell Show!


  • Food, food and more food. One of the cool things about Disney Cruises is you end up switching to a different dining room each night (there are 3 different dining rooms). And your wait staff comes over with you for each evening. So we were able to experience the different dining rooms and eat a ton of wonderful food. Plus the food on the decks (including unlimited ice cream) made for a lot of eating!
  • Our table mates at dinner each night were 2 absolutely wonderful couples, both from the Southern States! It was like Disney put us together on purpose. We loved getting to know them and hearing about their families. We have even become social media friends so we can continue these new friendships!


  • Disney magic everywhere. If you are like us, then having Disney basically everywhere is a good thing. From having opportunities to meet characters to Disney movies/music in the rooms, we felt completely immersed in all things Disney.
  • Hanging out, especially the 2 days at sea, by the pool and in the room. After being on the go for first week, it was nice to have a day or two just to hang out and rest.


  • Finally…the Ports of Call/Excursions were places we have always dreamed about visiting. More details coming up over the last 2 blog posts in this series!

All in all, the cruise was a wonderful time. Easily, the highlight of the trip for me. Honestly, after doing a Disney Cruise, I’m not sure if we would ever go on another cruise line. Of course, as huge Disney people, I feel like this is isn’t much of a surprise to anyone…

Stay tuned for the final 2 blog posts on the 4 different Ports of Call/excursions, including Pompeii, Rome, Florence and Nice!

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