2017 California Trip Recap Part 1

In early November, Rachel spent a week working in San Diego for a work conference. At the end of her conference, I flew out to meet her and our friend Janell (who also works for the company) and we spent several days in San Diego and Disneyland! Today’s post covers the first part of our trip in San Diego…

Once I landed in San Diego on Tuesday evening, I met up with Rachel and we went over to the Gaslamp Quarter to grab a late dinner. It was quite late for me since I was still on Eastern Time. We ended up eating at the Burger Lounge, which is a place I remembered from being in San Diego several years ago. After dinner, we walked around some of the Gaslamp Quarter area and grabbed some ice cream at Ghirardelli’s! 

The next morning, Rachel had to finish up working for a few hours so I got in a quick 5 mile run along the Bayfront. It was absolutely beautiful scenery and weather!


After I got cleaned up, I walked over to Starbucks and picked up some drinks for Rachel and me. I walked over to the convention center and got to see Rachel in action. I’m so proud of her and the work she does for her company. She’s a rock star!

By lunchtime, Rachel had officially finished her work for the week and we spent the rest of the day walking around the Bayfront and Gaslamp Quarter areas of San Diego. We ended up walking down to the Seaport Village (along the Bayfront) and walking around most of the stores for a few hours.


Later that evening, we met up with Janell for dinner in the Gaslamp Quarter and made our plans for the next day (heading up to Anaheim and Disneyland!). By the time we finished up dinner, it was time to call it an evening. We had an early morning and 3 long, but fun days ahead of us!

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