2017 California Trip Recap Part 2

In early November, Rachel spent a week working at a conference in San Diego. At the end of the conference, I flew out to meet her and our friend Janell (who also works for the company) and we spent several days in San Diego and Disneyland! Check out part one here! Today’s post covers the second part of our trip in Disneyland…

On Thursday morning, the crew (Rachel, Janell and me) grabbed our rental car and headed up to Anaheim for the remainder of our trip. We had 3 days remaining and were ready to get in some good quality time at the parks. Once we got to our hotel (fortunately the rooms were already ready), we dropped our stuff off and made our way over to the parks! We were excited to show Janell all of California Adventure, Disneyland and Downtown Disney.

Here are the highlights from our 3 days at Disney…

  • Christmas Decorations The parks were already decorated for Christmas and it did not disappoint! And at night it was even more spectacular.
  • Festival of Holidays California Adventure was set up with multiple booths serving food and drinks celebrating holidays from around the world.


  • Beautiful Weather As to be expected in November, the weather was absolutely wonderful. It’s always nice to be walking around in the parks and not sweating all day.
  • California Friends While we didn’t get to see our California friends for as long as I would have liked, we still got to see them for a little while. Very happy to have some more time with them at WDW in January for the marathon weekend. Please enjoy this picture with my friend AJ…my brother from another mother.


  • Holiday Themed Rides Several of the rides had changed their theming for the holidays, including It’s A Small World and Haunted Mansion.

All in all, it was a wonderful time at the Disneyland Resort. Very grateful for the opportunity to get out there for the second time in 2017. And while we don’t have another trip to Disneyland planned yet, you know our hope is to be back in 2018 if at all possible!




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