2018 Dopey Challenge

48.6 miles over 4 days. That’s pretty much all that’s on my mind at the moment. As I’m working today, I found myself coming to the realization that my training is complete. It’s time to trust the training and run.

The Dopey Challenge will start this Thursday, January 4th. I will run 4 races over 4 days.

  • Thursday, January 4 – 5K
  • Friday, January 5 – 10K
  • Saturday, January 6 – Half Marathon
  • Sunday, January 7 – Full Marathon


Now I don’t have any specific time goals for the races this weekend. Running that many miles over 4 days, the goal is to finish upright with a smile on my face. Also, it’s supposed to be quite chilly in the mornings, which can make it difficult to push it too much.

We leave later today and will drive to Tifton, GA for the night, before getting to Orlando the following morning. Probably won’t be able to blog during the trip, since we will be busy running, hanging at the parks and seeing friends.

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