New York City Trip Recap (Part Two)

Continuing with Part Two of our New York City Trip Recap…check out Part One here.

After a busy Thursday, we took our time getting out of the hotel on Friday morning. Since we didn’t have plans until Part Two of the HP play, we decided to mainly be tourists in NYC.

We started out by heading down to One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) and the 9/11 Museum area. Last time we were in NYC, they were in the process of building both. It was cool to be able to finally see them in person.


But wow, it was crazy crowded down there. The lines to go up to the top of the tower and the 9/11 Museum were insane. We decided to just walk around and take pictures instead.

Once we finished walking around the Freedom Tower area, we grabbed a quick lunch and made our way over to Battery Park. It was a beautiful walk along the Hudson River. We got to see New Jersey and the Statue of Liberty in the distance.

After a while, we decided to hop back on the subway and make our way up to the Rockefeller Center/Central Park area. We spent some time just walking around and in and out of stores around Rockefeller Center before stopping off at Magnolia Bakery for some baked goods. The line was out the door!

We walked up to Central Park, but not before stopping by The Plaza so Rachel could get a picture. (As a little girl she loved the Eloise books, who lived in The Plaza.)


Even though it was definitely a little on the chillier side, we found a nice sunny spot in Central Park and stopped to rest/hang for a bit.

After spending several hours around this area, we began the journey back down to our hotel to get ready for the show. We were probably 20-25 blocks away, but we decided to walk and just enjoy the sights/stores/sounds.

We stopped in St. Patrick’s Cathedral for a few minutes. It was breathtaking!


We even stopped in the Disney Store in Times Square. It was awesome! Easily the biggest Disney Store I’ve ever been in.

Once we got back over to the hotel, we rested up for a bit before heading back out for dinner and Part Two of HP!

We had found a cool dinner spot the night before that was kind of like a food court of sorts. We both ended up getting tacos, which were awesome!

After dinner, I was super excited to get to the second part of the HP play. Part one was just so amazing…I knew part two would be equally as great!

And friends, it absolutely was! I can’t get over how amazing this play was. The acting, sets, music, and overall magic were second to none. I am soooooo glad we decided to see it on Broadway and with the original principal cast from London. It was an experience neither one of us will ever forget.

We even got a few pictures of the actors as they were coming outside after the show. There were quite a few people waiting on them, but I was able to sneak a few pictures from over the top. (It’s nice to be tall!)

As we did the night before, once we finished at the HP show, we walked over to Times Square for a few minutes. And, of course, it was crazy crowded. But we were able to grab a few more photos before calling it a night.

Stay tuned for the 3rd and final recap post….





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