Things You May Not Know About Rachel and Allen

Last week, I did a blog post on “Things You May Not Know About Me,” where I took a closer look at some things you may not have known about me. Today I will look at some of things you may not know about Rachel and Allen.

  • We have lived in 6 different houses/apartments in 10 years of marriage.


  • We both love everything pop culture: movies, music, TV, books – you name it.
  • I proposed in the chapel of the church we attended at the time (Lawrenceville FUMC).
  • Rachel was 21 and I was 31 when we got married.


  • We are 9 and ½ years apart in age.
  • The first concert we attended together was 311 (with opener Something Corporate – one of our faves over the years).
  • Besides Atlanta, if we could live anywhere in the U.S., we’d live in Southern California.
  • Rachel and I both ran our first half marathons together in January 2013.


  • In the 10 years we’ve been married, Rachel has worked at the same company, and I’ve changed jobs…a few more times.
  • We both attended SEC schools (Auburn University for me, University of Georgia for Rachel).
  • The first movie we saw in the theater together was Finding Nemo.
  • We both played for our high school tennis teams.
  • We honeymooned in San Diego, and went to Disneyland for the first time (and have been many times since!).



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